About Pause For

Where does the money come from?

Donations are funded from investor capital, rewards from the Kin Rewards Engine, and our partners.

Do I pay anything out of pocket?

Nope! You’re earning Kin currency by completing pauses. You don’t put any money into it.

How can I add charities?

By sending us the suggestion, and by recruiting your friends! The more our user base grows, the more our charities options will grow.

Do the charities get the Kin I spend? How does that process work?

Our hope is that one day each charity in the app will have a Kin wallet, and gifts earned will be instant transactions on the blockchain from our wallet to the chosen charity’s wallet. Full transparency, zero delay. There are a lot of hurdles to that though. Right now, it is very difficult for charities to train someone to create and maintain a Kin wallet, learn to use a crypto exchange, and keep all of their information secure. Solutions are being developed that make that easier, but we’re not there yet.


In the meantime, each charity has a relationship with Oroboros LLC (that’s us, the Pause For company). 90% of Kin spent in the app is added to a tally for each charity (which is publicly visible in the Market of Pause For). At the end of each quarter (and at shorter intervals at our discretion), Oroboros LLC writes a check to each organization who has received Kin for the USD equivalent of the Kin given by Pause For users, based on the current price of Kin.

About Kin

How do I withdraw my Kin?

Kin withdrawal is available in the More > Deposit and Withdraw Kin section of the app. If you get an error trying to withdraw, note that you currently can only withdraw to Solana addresses. We recommend Phantom and SolFlare as options. Once the Kin leaves the app, that’s outside the scope of Pause For, and the transaction fees, complexities, and security concerns that come along with crypto wallets will be up to you. Since Kin is a Solana SPL token, you will need some SOL to pay for transaction fees if you want to use the Kin from an external wallet. We recommend always sending test transactions first, and to be especially careful sending directly to an exchange.

What is Kin?

Kin is a digital currency that enables developers like us to reward users for the value they create in their apps and systems on the blockchain. As a user of Pause For, the important thing to know is that Kin is a measure of value which we transfer to you when you pause and you transfer to the non-profits listed in the app when you spend it in the marketplace.

What is the blockchain?

Oh boy. Now we’re really getting into it. To use Pause For, you do not need to understand blockchains. Ever. But if you’re curious to learn more, it’s actually all very interesting. Check out this blockchain explanation that does a great job of explaining things without getting too technical.

Technical problems? Send us an email about it. contact@pausefor.us