We’ve made it to version 1.0! First of all, thank you to everyone who has been using Pause For from 0.1 up to 0.9.4. We released Pause For on the App Store exactly 1 year ago, as of tomorrow. I’d like to say we planned this, but that would be an enormous lie. We’re excited to hear everyone’s feedback on this new version of Pause For. The feedback we’ve received over the past year has been invaluable in redesigning Pause For to better serve the needs of our users. But a lot has changed, so I wanted to dive into the changes and the reasoning behind them.

The New Giving Process

The biggest change in Pause For v1.0 is the way your pauses make an impact on the organizations we support. Prior to this version, pausing rewarded Kin, a cryptocurrency that you then used to make contributions in the Market to one of the three organizations we’ve partnered with. Pause For’s goal is to help you break down long-term or abstract goals into manageable chunks of time by giving you an immediate reward. This additional step between pausing and giving weakened that connection between pause and reward.

In Pause For v1.0, as soon as you finish a pause, you see your impact to the organization directly reflected. You still earn Kin, but now this Kin is used to enhance your ability to give, instead of complicating the process.


This is that enhancing I just spoke of. Now that your donations are happening directly at the end of the pause, the market provides a place to purchase powerups to make your pause more impactful. These can be used every day (and we encourage you to use them as often as you can!) but they’re especially useful to motivate you when it really counts. Taking a final tomorrow? When you enable the Gameday powerup, you’re making a commitment to put down your phone early and often to make the most of it.


We know the Kin earned is itself a motivator for a lot of people. That’s why once per day, you can place a “bet” on a pause. When you do, your Kin bet is taken out of your wallet. If you complete the pause successfully, we double it. This is another way to keep yourself motivated when it matters. You can see the amount of Kin you’ve earned so far in the bottom left corner during your pauses.

Global Tallies

This is probably my favorite new feature. Global tallies display on the home page of Pause For below the pause button. If you don’t see them, they only appear after you’ve contributed your first gift to the organization you’ve selected. (That’s a bug though, oops.) This was a highly requested feature, and now that we’re using a new backend framework, we were finally able to implement it.

Note: right now the tally only updates when you start the app, so make sure to restart Pause For if you want to see the latest numbers.

Everything Else

This new version is so much bigger than it looks. But a lot of it is behind the scenes. We switched to the new Kin SDK, which should make the Kin earning and spending experience much smoother. We built a new backend server which handles requests better and reduces our support load. We completely switched authentication providers to a more robust one that will allow us to do cooler things down the line. And we tightened up our codebase so future updates will be smoother and faster.

And that backend I just mentioned? It now handles the vast majority of the logic of Pause For. Very little is now done on your device. That means a faster app, but it also means fewer things we have to double-build. Everything that we build inside the iOS app, we have to build again inside the Android app. That list of things is now much smaller. What does that mean? Android. Soon.

Happy Pausing,

Pause For Team

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