The long-awaited migration to the new Kin blockchain is happening now!

What does this mean for you?

iOS users:

Make sure you’re on the most recent version of Pause For (if you have automatic updates off) and you’ve got a solid internet connection. Then just open Pause For! The loading screen will walk you through the process, but mostly you just need to sit there and watch while it does the work for you. Shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes, and usually less than 30 seconds from my testing.

If you have any issues at all with the migration, email me at and we’ll get it all sorted out.


Android hopefuls:

This puts us one step closer to releasing Android! The new Kin SDK we are using to build Android only works with the new blockchain. Now that we have migrated to said blockchain, we can finish out the Android build and get the Alpha version onto your phones. Expect to hear some big updates on this very soon.


Happy pausing!

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