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We hope you had a great weekend and a productive Monday, and we are so, so excited to share that Pause For has exceeded 1,000 users less than two months after its release. Thank you so much for your continued support. Your feedback has been endlessly helpful for us, and your gifts are making a huge difference. You have already donated over 1 million kin to your causes! That’s over 192 trees planted, 56 dogs vaccinated against heartworms, and 1,151 meals fed to hungry American families. 

Pause For is excited to announce a new partner who is backing donations from November, as well as additional donations made for the rest of the year! Blockchain Benevolence is a 501(c)3 approved charity capable of accepting all cryptocurrency donations in addition to fiat. This offers significant tax benefits to donors who hold cryptocurrencies that have appreciated in value over the past several years.

With the help of Blockchain Benevolence, we are able to offer a new giving opportunity: The gift of sight. Cataracts are the world’s most common cause of preventable blindness, and this condition can be cured with a simple 10-minute surgical procedure. The supplies to perform cataract surgery cost only $25. To make these surgeries happen, Blockchain Benevolence has partnered with cureblindness.org, an organization that has facilitated over 625,000 cataract surgeries in multiple developing nations, including India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Bhutan, Myanmar and Rwanda. This organization was founded by Dr. Sanduk Ruit, and Dr. Geoff Tabin, whose goal is to offer cataract surgery to anyone who needs it worldwide.

We are excited to offer the gift of sight restoring surgery for only 7500 Kin! 

Thank you for your comments, suggestions, and issue reports on Pause For. Your feedback helps us build a better app and service. If your app isn’t automatically updating, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app. That will give you the latest updates and bug fixes.

As always, we deeply appreciate your support. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you think of the new additions!

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