Hello, everyone! With the iOS launch coming up within the next couple of weeks, we wanted to give a more in-depth explanation about the Pause For process.

Here are some screencaps of the basic functions you can expect.

First, set your pause time (between 10 and 60 minutes) and see how much Kin you will earn if you successfully stay focused on your task for the duration.


Pause For locks you out of your phone for the selected time–remember to put your phone on Do Not Disturb. Upon completion, you will have the option to earn additional Kin by answering short, 3-5 question surveys.


Then you can spend your Kin in the Pause For market! Our current items include meals for American food banks, heart worm vaccinations for dogs from low income families, and trees to be planted around the world.

A frequent question we’ve received is: where does the money come from? 

You are not purchasing charity items with your own money. You earn Kin currency by completing pauses, which will be backed by sponsors. If you have more questions, here is our FAQ page. If your question isn’t there, feel free to tweet us!

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