Welcome to Pause For!

Pause For is an app that combines productivity and philanthropy. Developed by Oroboros, it is set for iOS release this October.

How does it work?

To use Pause For, you simply:

  1. Select an amount of time you would like to focus on a task.
  2. Allow the app to lock you out of your phone
  3. Stay focused on your task for that period of time to earn virtual currency that can be traded for hot meals, clean water, vaccinations for puppies, or shoes for orphans. The charity options will grow as we do.

Take a pause for homework, writing, cleaning, meditating, or spending time with friends–all while earning money for causes you care about!

What’s happening next?

After being accepted into the Kin Developer Program, PauseFor is eligible for funding. However, in order to get the funding in full, PauseFor has to hit certain criteria.

After the app launch in October, PauseFor has to collect 10,000 active users by January.

It’s a big job!

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Speak soon,

Pause For team

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  • Larena King

    Hey! Will you have select charities or will users be able to choose one of their own? Also how much is the app to download?

    1. Hannah Lee

      Hi, Larena!

      We will have select charities. We are opening with three, and we’ll talk about them in our next blog post, so stick around for that!

      The app will be free for users.

      Thanks for the questions!

  • Cecil Obeney

    Will I be able to withdraw my kin?

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